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Futures Snow Award: Ethos

Futures Project is aligned with the ethos of the GB Park and Pipe team where the values fun, passion, progression and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do.

From a coaching standpoint that means that first and foremost the session should be fun for the athletes and the coaches and secondly that the session should be about learning and teaching individual goals.

As long as people are having fun and learning new skills and tricks then everything else should be in working order!

In sports coaching this is called an athlete or learner centred coaching philosophy and we use a lot of coaching tools from the area of “autonomy supportive coaching” or athlete empowerment. These tools help the athletes and coaches to keep motivated to keep learning and also put fun at the top of the agenda.

Ultimately it creates a task mastery (skill based) approach to goal setting and learning that supports people’s happiness and ability to reach goals!


Futures Snow Award: Delivery

The Futures Snow Award follows a linear progression to introducing jumping, landing, balance, rotation, edging and steering mechanics.

Each trick in the award scheme has been included as a way to introduce those mechanics in a fun and engaging manner that will allow the participant to progress their skills and compliment their existing athletic and acrobatic skill set. This award scheme should give skiers and snowboarders the best possible means to progress their ability beyond the basics.

The learning process is key. They should be encouraged to explore the movements and learn through trial and error. Deliver a quick explanation and maybe a demonstration before letting them have a go. Aim for volume of practice with failure being completely accepted in the route to success. Think of how you may have learned a trick or goal on skis or a snowboard in the past and the reward you felt in achieving that trick. Although there are "trick goals" in this award scheme the real goal is you promoting a certain way of learning that empowers the participant.

Let the kids have fun, fall over, get back up and get stoked when they smash it!


Futures Snow Award: Basic requirements

Those taking part should have progressed through your existing ski school system to the point whereby you think that they are capable of engaging with and achieving the award. If they have not progressed through the system then the minimum requirements should be the ability to:

  • Use their equipment without aid

  • Turn both ways in a skidded turn

  • Stop in control

  •  Use lift by themselves

Consider how the tricks can be accomplished on the available slope. The slope should have a mellow incline slope running into a flat level area. A low wide box set in the snow as a “ride-on” box is also needed. Ride-on means the access point of the features is a wide level platform of snow bridging the transition from snow to box with the least amount angle change.

The tricks can be split or grouped into blocks or run in series. For example tricks 1 - 4 could be run in one area and the subsequent others in another.

The award can be accomplished in one day or it can be split over a block of sessions with the assessment and awarding of the Futures Snow Award badge taking place at the end of the block.

Futures snow award: Planning your off-snow session

When planning your off snow session think about how to incorporate the “tricks” into fun and engaging games.
For example, standing on one leg can often become boring for children and the trick will either be achieved, or not, within three seconds, without increasing their heart rate. Whereas a game of “Flamingo Tag” can easily keep a group of children physically active for 10+ minutes.

In designing your session ask yourself if the children will have the opportunity to:

  • Be energetic

  • Have fun

  • Laugh

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Make things more difficult

  • Make things easier

  • Succeed

  • Learn without knowing

Futures snow award: RESOURCES

The Step 1 award packs (printed award cards and 1 x award badge) are available to buy at a cost of around £2-3 inc vat plus postage per pack.

To download the award cards as a PDF click here

Any facilities, slopes, coaches or clubs who want to get involved with running Futures Snow Award, please contact:


T: 07841 819915