nuturing our youngest shredders

Futures Snow Award is a brand new award scheme aimed at young people aged 6 to 12 years old who want to keep skiing and snowboarding.

Each "step" of the Futures Snow Award is made up of 20 tricks:  ten tricks that can be achieved on any mountain, indoor or dry slope and another ten that are completed "off snow". 

All twenty tricks will help the mastery of balance, spinning, jumping and turning skills both on and off "snow".

The first award, Step 1 is now available on this website. This is the foundation that further levels are built upon. Each "step" will be progressively more challenging and once all twenty tricks have been perfected, then the next award will be unlocked.

Futures Step 1 Snow Award is aimed at kids who can control their speed on a short slope and can turn. 

Trick 4: Jump Sideways

Trick 4: Jump Sideways


Two ways to take part:

1) The best way to complete the Step 1 Award is to attend an official "Futures Snow Award" event.  At this event a group of kids will be taken through all twenty tricks with a qualified coach or instructor. Check out all upcoming events here.

2) It is also possible to download everything online. Simply work through the 20 tricks with a local instructor or with the help of an adult. All those that complete their Step 1 Award will end up in our Hall of Fame!  

To download the Step 1 award pack, you need to join Futures. This is completely free and will give access to all Futures Snow Awards when they are released.  You will also be able to sign up to any Futures events.

Trick 8: Traverse 180

Trick 8: Traverse 180


Join futures and...

  • Have access to Futures Snow Awards

  • Book onto award events and Futures sessions



Step 1 - skills level

Step 1 is suitable for those who can easily control their speed, carry out turns and stop safely. 

The on-snow part of this award is not for complete beginners.

The off-snow tricks can be done by anyone just about anywhere!